SEARCHING FOR JIM by Carmenica Diaz

19 11 2010

Carmenica Diaz is known for her hard stories of feminine domination, books peopled by broken men and whip-wielding women, but she also writes “straight” TG novels which hardly even classify as Erotica. I had read one of these, Elizabeth Grey, and enjoyed it, had found myself for the first time actually identifying with “a man” who becomes “a woman”.

But it is not until after the change, the cross-over, that I really click in and begin to empathise with (as opposed to sympathising with) this victim of everyone else’s prejudices. So when I came across this book, Searching for Jim, which opens with a woman in a hospital bed in Manchester emerging from a coma only to be told, to her horror, that she used to be a man, I grabbed it.

I mean imagine waking up one morning, finding yourself in a hospital, and being told that!

She has no memories of being a man. Are they telling her the truth, these doctors? Or is this some fiendish psychological experiment, or … or … Or what? She cannot believe it, and yet as soon as she is well enough she sets out in search of Jim, the man they say she used to be. Her search takes her to Australia and – no, I mustn’t spoil it. But it is all utterly sweet and nice, a love story, a dream come true. Erotica at its softest and, yes, sweetest.

The image shows the back cover because I prefer it – this is the person I identify with.