HOW I LOVE (by Joe Albanese)

From your hope is how I hear you
Through your unabashed scars is how I feel you

Between each thought I always see you
And it’s in your flowing that I know you

The sacred and magic are born from you
For simply being, the world should thank you

In crowded streets I may have lost you
But with heart-star lantern I’ll search for you

Although ghosts may sometimes haunt you
It’s because who wouldn’t live beside you?

From your laughter I cannot save you
But in tears I’d never have you

If it’s in the sunlight that I want you
Then it’s in its shadows I am with you

If all our lives I never reach you
Then let these words be how I love you.

This beautiful poem is from Joe Albanese’s new collection, Cocktails with a
Dead Man, which I am in the middle of reading.