EARLY DEATH (by Elizabeth Siddal)

For a few words about Elizabeth Siddal, and a beautiful painting of her, see my earlier post HERE

Oh grieve not with thy bitter tears
The life that passes fast;
The gates of heaven will open wide
And take me in at last.

Then sit down meekly at my side
And watch my young life flee;
Then solemn peace of holy death
Come quickly unto thee.

But true love, seek me in the throng
Of spirits floating past,
And I will take thee by the hands
And know thee mine at last.

And here she is again, this time as Ophelia … 

I wonder whether the paintings she modelled for influenced her own writing?

LOVE AND HATE (by Elizabeth Siddal)

Lizzie Siddel was the model for such painters as John William Waterhouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. She was also a poet in her own right.

Ope not thy lips, thou foolish one,
Nor turn to me thy face;
The blasts of heaven shall strike thee down
Ere I will give thee grace.

Take thou thy shadow from my path,
Nor turn to me and pray;
The wild wild winds thy dirge may sing
Ere I will bid thee stay.

Turn thou away thy false dark eyes,
Nor gaze upon my face;
Great love I bore thee: now great hate
Sits grimly in its place.

All changes pass me like a dream,
I neither sing nor pray;
And thou art like the poisonous tree
That stole my life away.