MIND’S EYE by Douglas E. Richards (Review)

He wakes up buried in slimy, foul-smelling garbage. He is in a dumpster, and unable to remember how he came to be there. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he finds he can’t remember anything at all, not even his own name. (Hence the “He”.) He clambers out, and while searching for some way of getting clean and acquiring presentable clothing, he finds that on the other hand he is able to access and manipulate the internet without any hardware whatsoever, simply by the power of his mind. And he can read people’s thoughts.

Impossible? No. This book makes it seem perfectly plausible. And delves deep into the ethical questions raised by such powers in the hands of one man and probably in the hands of others.

In this case, the one man, whose name turns out to be Nick, happens to be a good man. A quite exceptionally good man. But he is surrounded by the less than good, and the downright evil, who home in on him like flies on a dumpster. Which brings me back to where I started.

No spoilers here.

Just another very good (and very well written) free read from Kindle.