CONTEST WINNER – A Boy for Master Tallis by C J Lewis

A short story set in Tudor England that I enjoyed very much and want to share with you all.

A Tudor Writing Circle

Today is the day! I’m happy to share with you the winning submission for the ATWC writing contest! Out of all the stories, this is the one that intrigued me the most. Congratulations to CJ Lewis, you’ve won yourself a copy of Apricots and Wolfsbane by K. M. Pohlkamp!

A Boy for Master Tallis

“A message from the Queen, my lord!”

Thomas Tallis, Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, lost his tenuous hold on the tune in his head, spilt his ink and swore under his breath. “Thank you, Ned. Now, fetch me some fresh sand, will you?”

The boy returned a moment later and handed the new, fine sand over to his master along with a letter bearing the Queen’s seal. “Did you spill ink on your new song, my lord?”

Thomas looked at the boy. He should be angry with him, but he could not. He was…

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