The Power of Concentration and Balance

13 07 2014

Watch this …


An Interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

21 05 2014

A fascinating interview with the creator of Sherlock Holmes in which he talks about Holmes – of course – and also his researches into Spiritualism and the Paranormal.

Christine Keeler IS Grizabella

7 12 2013

Something rather different today.

Christine Keeler musical

I have always been a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s. However, it seems to me – and I may be wrong, I haven’t yet seen, or even read a synopsis of, Stephen Ward – but it seems that he has lost the thread somewhere along the line.

The Mary Magdalenes (as in Jesus Christ Superstar) and the Grizabellas (as in Cats) have been forgotten.

I don’t mean the whores – there will, I assume, be plenty of that in Stephen Ward (how could there not be when he was, by profession, a pimp?) (one of the up-market ones, bien sur; me, I have always preferred the more earthy ones, bastards you know where you are with).

No, I don’t mean the whores, I mean the outsiders, the ageing beauties, the ex-whores, indeed all those who when they pass their use-by date are cast aside “like flowers of the field”.

This thought came to me when I read these two articles. Read them now – please – before going on. This one from The Guardian (which is admirable) and this one from The Daily Mail (which is the usual tripe). But read both to get the full picture..

Who was “the Glamour Cat”? Who was the femme fatale who had affaires with  John Profumo, the secretary of state for war in Harold Macmillan’s government, and the Russian naval attache, Yevgeny Ivanov, and brought down a government?

And who is now the shunned outsider?

Lloyd Webber should be seen with his arm round Christine. “Touch me! It’s so easy to leave me all alone with my memory of my days in the sun …”

It is indeed.

But now, apparently, it is just the silly and superficial (and rich) who count.

Or perhaps it is simply that Christine Keeler (unlike Mandy Rice-Davies and Stephen Ward) is not and never was “one of us”.

(Not so different from what I am usually on about, actually, now I look back over it.)

Two Video-Clips I Want to Share

8 02 2013

Two very different video-clips that struck me forcibly this week. The first – well, have a look at it, and see HERE

The second you will find HERE.

Of the second, we might say well, this is evolution in action. The birds that swallow the plastic junk will not survive, those that turn their beaks up at it will survive, which is presumably how all species learnt to avoid toxic non-foods.

But what can one say of the first?  Do societies where girls and women are free and educated have a greater chance of survival?  Because if so, these Neanderthal males are fighting a battle they must ultimately lose.

John Kent Harrison’s HELEN OF TROY

7 06 2011

[Continuing from my previous post, King of Ithaca …] Perhaps the central focus of this film, this version, is the way a powerful and arrogant macho alpha male lusts after a “slut” who dares to refuse to make herself available. The “slut” in question is of course Helen (Sienna Guillory – perfect in the role), and the man, Rufus Sewell (an equally perfect, megalomaniac, Agamemnon) – and the song is by Sting! Enjoy it!