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1 10 2018


Mostly by Each Other!

26 02 2018

I’ve always loved Heinlein’s books. He was so right about so much!

Psychological WiFi – Fact or flaky? — Earthpages.org

7 01 2018

How ‘wi-fi’ connects human brains and explains why people have ‘gut feelings’ https://t.co/EzrUqxHrkj — earthpages.org (@earthpages) January 7, 2018 I tend to think this is fact but most of us are not sensitized to appreciate how we are potentially connected on some level. If society – that is human beings – ever evolves so the […]

via Psychological WiFi – Fact or flaky? — Earthpages.org

What if we are all characters in a book?

22 11 2017

Men are not so different …

19 11 2017

Yes, I know, but men are not so different. In fact in some ways they are more like the stereotypical woman than most women are!

The following is a quote from biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love, that, while going against our usual sterotypical image of men rather confirms my own personal impressions and experience:

Men fall in love faster too — perhaps because they are more visual. Men experience love at first sight more regularly; and men fall in love just as often. Indeed, men are just as physiologically passionate. When my colleagues and I have scanned men’s brains (using fMRI), we have found that they show just as much activity as women in neural regions linked with feelings of intense romantic love. Interestingly, in the 2011 sample, I also found that when men fall in love, they are faster to introduce their new partner to friends and parents, more eager to kiss in public, and want to “live together” sooner. Then, when they are settled in, men have more intimate conversations with their wives than women do with their husbands—because women have many of their intimate conversations with their girlfriends. Last, men are just as likely to believe you can stay married to the same person forever (76% of both sexes). And other data show that after a break up, men are 2.5 times more likely to kill themselves.

Jo Biden hasn’t changed

30 12 2016


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13 01 2016

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