Mariana de la Mar 1 – FREE Today!

30 11 2017

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International Women’s Day

8 03 2017


FB’s choice of image is unbelievable – and even more unbelievable is their use of the word “amazing”! Why should what women contribute be considered “amazing”?!

A Women’s Rights Conference

24 02 2017


A Yazidi Girl

17 02 2017


Yazidi girls stay and fight …

Oh dear, dear, dear …

15 02 2017


Jo Biden hasn’t changed

30 12 2016


Facebook Fake News Flagging System Gives Orwell a Lesson in Censorship

28 12 2016

Snooze 2 Awaken

Brendan D. Murphy

“Hold on a second, citizen. Before you have that thought, you should consider this other thought we prepared earlier for you.”

It would be hard to conceive of a more partisan or rigged social media platform than Facebook, but that clearly isn’t enough for Facebook, because it has just outdone itself, introducing a tool that allows users to flag any story they may dislike or disagreewith as “fake news.” Welcome to the Facebook fake news flagging system.

One can just picture the armies of Establishment trolls and shills salivating at the prospect of being able to dispute any and every item that shows upon Facebook which they don’t like as “fake news,” making it even harder than it already is for independent news outlets to be seen and heard by the people who need to be reached the most (the people who need waking up so they…

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