Our discount tents …

6 05 2018

Speaking of Richard III (previous post), I love this sign in a camping-goods shop window – in Leicester, naturally!

Shakespeare would turn in his grave. No, perhaps he would love it, too.


The Sexual Predator Award

30 04 2018

My eBook TBR List!

25 04 2018

What to do when Life is Just Too Much

17 04 2018


15 04 2018

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Wonder Women

The entire country is outraged by the brutal gang rape and murder of the 8-year old Asifa Bano. The argument by many people that this is just an addition to the list of rape cases in India doesn’t make the incident any less horrific.

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Now THAT’S Reading

13 04 2018

I love this, too!

2 04 2018