Back Soon!

13 01 2016

Back with reviews very soon! Meanwhile, enjoy these –




And think about this –

Ayaan Hirsi


I could be social …

27 12 2015

I don’t find the time for writing reviews at the moment, but I still find time – still make time – for reading. I’ll catch up with the reviews later!


Or I could read


Think you can do better?

27 12 2015


No, I never write reviews like that – but sometimes I’m tempted to!

Relax, Buddy …

24 11 2015

Very busy with other things at the moment, but wanted to share this …vacuum cleaner


3 09 2015

Back after a long summer break! I’ve been reading – of course! – I just haven’t been writing reviews. Soon correct that, though.

Reading on the Beach

The Joys of Nature

25 05 2015

with books in wood

A Painting by Ramon Casas

7 05 2015

Ramon Casas

Men are best kept between the covers of books …


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