Rachel Bloom – Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

24 10 2018

I just came across this tribute (yes, it is a tribute!) to the late, great, Ray Bradbury, author of the unputdownable Fahrenheit 451 and the unforgettable The Martian Chronicles. I love it!


Alice Through The Page

10 10 2018

Trading Places

31 05 2018

No time for reviews at the moment, but I couldn’t resist this question when I happened upon it.

And the answer is … Now, this evening, Jayne Lyons, in The Medievalist. She time-travels back to the 15th century and meets and falls in love with Richard III. I have just finished re-reading Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time, the best investigation into the murder of the Princes in the Tower ever written and will review it here asap. Suffice it to say that I would give anything (almost) to be in Jayne Lyons’ place right now!

My eBook TBR List!

25 04 2018

What to do when Life is Just Too Much

17 04 2018

Now THAT’S Reading

13 04 2018

I love this …

27 03 2018

Busy at the moment, but I had to share this …