Rising on a trail of fire
To touch the stars
The manchild cradled
In his husk of steel goes forth;
His rendezvous – the goddess
Shrouded close in silver mist,
The lady moon.

Dark visored, heavy shod,
He walks upon her breast,
Seeking from each particle
The secrets of eternity
In Time’s grey dust
That hugs her body like a shroud.
He drags his toe and heaps
The moondust deep,
And knows her beauty
Is as priceless as his dreams.

He falters, life-breath leaking
From a vent in clouded mist,
He falls and clutches at the stones,
Her garments sliding through his
Heavy fingers
Like the spilling of his life.
Grey dust is now his shroud,
Her breast his pillow
In his dreamless sleep.
The goddess slumbers, satisfied.
Her call is answered,
She is conqueror
Not vanquished, as forever
She embraces him in her cold arms.

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