FATAL EXCHANGE by Russell Blake (Review)

Fatal Exchange coverI am a big fan of Russell Blake’s JET series, so I downloaded the first of this other series with high expectations.

It is not the same. It was harder to read (mind you, almost anything would be harder to read than JET) – but especially the first fifty or sixty pages, and this because of the multiple changes of viewpoint. I hate that at the beginning of a story. You get a few pages of one character and setting, then are switched abruptly to another, then – when you could still remember the first – to a third, then a fourth – and when you do finally get back to the first – or was it the second? – you have forgotten what that was all about and have to turn back. (Not easy to do with a Kindle.)

I always give up at that point. Well, not always. I didn’t in this case, but only because he is a favourite author of mine and I was still hoping …

I won’t say it got better. It didn’t. And there were two totally different stories going on, two separate sets of murders and murderers, quite apart from the continuing multiple viewpoints.

But after a while two viewpoints began to stand out from the rest. Teresa (Tess), who turns out to be the link between the the two sets of murders – she is to be the next victim in both! – and Ron, the NYPD Detective that she, the beautiful tattooed and studded rebel, finds herself thrown together with.

Of course, I identified with Tess, and that’s how I came to finish the book. And to have downloaded the sequel, Fatal Deception. You can’t keep a good author down.

I can’t believe I said that. I know several good authors who have been kept down.

Anyway, you can’t keep this good author, Russell Blake, down.


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