Author Spotlight: An interview with Ruth Warburton

6 11 2014


Author Spotlight


 It is great to have you with us, Ruth, and we are all eager to know about you and your books! I for one, am a huge fan of your work and having read them all, I want to know a lot more about you.

1. First of all, let’s talk about your Winter trilogy. How did you come up with such an excellent ideaA-Witch-in-Winter-jacket-195x300

Hi Malika, thank you for having me! Well… I have answered this question in lots of different ways because truthfully there were lots of different seeds to the Winter trilogy but the basic core of it came from one day when I was listening to the radio and it was a discussion about romance novels, and the commentator was saying how hard it was to write a convincing romance in the 21st century because you need a good reason for the…

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