27 03 2013

Shekinah Legacy coverCharlotte is a world-famous CNN news journalist. Her face is known everywhere. She is accustomed to being in dangerous situations – and likes to seem to be in control of them. Like when, at the beginning of the story, she and her cameraman, Curt, are kidnapped by a group of terrorists in Iraq – then rescued in the nick of time  (the torture was about to begin) by another group of terrorists and dropped off at their hotel. She could only wonder what was going on.

Back home in the States, she is again the target of a terrorist attack, this time with her family – her husband, Mike, and her son, Greg. Greg has Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes him unemotional and uncommunicative, but when he does take an interest in a problem his brain works faster and better than anyone else’s.

Again they are rescued. But this second attack has Charlotte so worried that she decides to disappear, taking the boy Greg with her, but not her husband. She and Mike seem to be on little more than speaking terms.

The place she chooses to disappear to is Delhi! I was grabbed! I love Delhi. And it is true, anyone could disappear in Delhi. Well, almost anyone. Not Charlotte, though, her face is too well known, she is just too much of a celebrity. And someone is there in Delhi with her, not hunting her, stalking her. But so is her mysterious protector …

I finished the book without any trouble, enjoyed it, in fact, and would recommend it to anyone. However, I did have a problem with it. At first, of course, I identified with Charlotte, but she turns out to be in many ways a very childish and stupid woman. More and more I found I was viewing the action through the eyes of her protector. And this is the first of a series. I don’t think I could bear another whole book filled with Charlotte’s egotistical nonsense. But another book featuring the real heroes of this book – her son, and of course, that mysterious protector? That I would jump at.

There is a sequel, “Sons of Zadok”, but it is labelled, as is this one, “A Charlotte Ansari Thriller”, so I don’t think I’ll risk it. But if there is anyone out there who has read it and can assure me that a large part is played in it by Charlotte’s protector (whose name, by the way, is Gideon, and he is of the Sicarii – why have I been pussy-footing around this, it’s not exactly a spoiler?) then do, please, let me now.




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