Another Quote from Mat Coward

12 11 2012

I’ve been dipping into this book delightedly (you guessed – loo reading) ever since I last quoted from it (back here) and can’t resist another quotation today.

If you want to live an interesting life, there’s only one way to do it and that is to live it. Writing is a very poor substitute. It helps obviously if you’ve had a life before you became a writer so that you’ve got something to write about, which is why most writers write about nostalgia.  But if you haven’t had a life, and therefore have nothing to write about, don’t worry unduly; this guarantees your dreary novels will be reviewed positively in all the posh papers, because posh papers are staffed exclusively by graduates who haven’t had a life and therefore don’t realise you’re writing about nothing, or if they do realise it, rather approve of it. (This is called ‘non-genre fiction’, and, contrary to popular belief, it is much more profitable than popular fiction, because it is subsidised by taxes stolen from the working classes.)

Talking about loo reading, something hilariously funny like Success … And How to Avoid It works wonders if you suffer from constipation!




3 responses

17 12 2012

Thanks for that – I’m always glad to hear of my books being put to practical use! Now then, can you recommend any good, recent time travel novels? Seems to me nobody’s writing them any more …

22 12 2012
Kanti Burns

No, time travel as such does seem to be out of fashion, though there are plenty of time-slips and so on.
One example of the real thing that springs to mind is “The Plot to Save Socrates” by Paul Levinson. I meant to do a post on it, but … you know. Anyway, now I will, as soon as I get a minute.
Oh, and sorry about relegating your book to the loo! When I first read it – right through – I was working, or should have been, promise.

24 12 2012

Thanks, I’ll put that one on my list. And don’t apologise – loo books help to keep people sane, and I’m proud to oblige!

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