EXPOSURE by Lisabet Sarai (Review)

A murder story featuring a stripper? (She is called an exotic dancer in the blurb, but that was obviously written by some politically correct young thing at the publisher’s office – perhaps the same one responsible for EXPOURE on the title page – Really! All right, editing standards have been declining catastrophically, and I am not talking about self-publishers – see for example my last post, Out of the Dawn Light – but the title? On the title page? Guinness Book of Records entry for don’t-give-a-hoot editing I would say.)

Now where was I? Ah, yes. A murder story featuring a stripper.

I’ve read a lot of them. I like them. I identify with her.

Of course, she or one of her friends is always the victim – as in Easy Kill, a book I reviewed a few weeks ago. Like the homeless living on the streets in Mark Billingham’s Lifeless, they are prime targets, supremely vulnerable – almost, in the case of prostitutes, asking for it: or at least that is how the public seem to see it.

But Stella, in Lisabet Sarai’s Exposure, is refreshingly different. Not only is she emphatically not a whore (her emphasis – though I think the lady doth protest a little too much here; after all, in the opening chapter she is making love to a stranger in a hotel room and being paid handsomely for her services) but, and this is the main point, she is not the victim. All right, she does wonder briefly whether the bullet was meant for her – reasonably enough in the circumstances – but her immediate reaction is to want to know more. She turns investigator.

I love that.

I loved this book.

If you enjoy a good murder story, if you also read erotica from time to time, and if you find yourself hooked by this opening line – I strip for the fun of it. Don’t let anyone tell you different – then this is the book for you. (I believe it is actually classified as erotic noir.)

While I’m at it, may I recommend Lisabet Sarai’s website, one of the best author’s sites I have come across. Among other treats she offers are a whole sheaf of free short stories for download. I read a few, and particularly enjoyed Butterfly; and I am going back again.

4 thoughts on “EXPOSURE by Lisabet Sarai (Review)

  1. Hello, Kanti,

    Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review, not to mention the plug for my web site! I’m delighted that you enjoyed Stella. She’s one of my favorite characters. And you’re so right about her – although she’s definitely not a prostitute, she’s a good deal more hot-headed and impulsive than she pretends to be. She suffers from a bit of self-delusion – as so many of us do.

    Argh! Did we really misspell the TITLE? I think I’m going to be sick! Sometimes the biggest stuff is the stuff you miss.

    And in all fairness, Phaze didn’t insist on the term “exotic dancer”. That’s Stella talking, trying to get a bit of respect.

    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Lisabet. Sorry, I got a bit carried away there, but everything I read at the moment seems to be full of bad editing. I really did enjoy Exposure, though, and have read a couple more of your short stories. Have you written any other full-length “erotic noir” with protagonists/leading ladies like Stella?
    Best wishes,

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