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21 08 2014

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17 08 2014


CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming

23 07 2014

Casino Royale coverI read Casino Royale that night I said I was going to (after reviewing James Bond: The Authorised Biography) but never got round to commenting on it. However, now that I am about to embark on Live and Let Die, and have some time free, here goes.

I won’t tell you the story. You may have read the book once, no doubt long ago, or perhaps seen the film – not Sean Connery, this one was more recent and starred Daniel Craig along with Eva Green, a great favourite of mine since I first saw her as Sibylla in Kingdom of Heaven.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heaven

And here she is with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale:

Casino Royale

But back to the book! All I want to do in this “review”  is draw attention to a few points that strike me as interesting,

Firstly, we meet “M” and get the whole set-up and a two-page Top Secret document on SMERSH at once. I somehow found this surprising. I’d always imagined that Fleming introduced these things, built up this alternative universe, gradually, but no, he had it all there ready in his head before he ever started.

Secondly, there is a reference at the beginning of the book to one of James Bond’s earlier cases. (remember this is the first Bond book Fleming wrote, and chronologically the first Bond adventure.) I’ll quote the passage. “Head of S” has just emerged from M’s room and is telling “Number Two” who has been chosen for this special mission:

‘One of the Double Os – I guess 007. He’s tough and M thinks there may be trouble with those gunmen of Le Chiffre’s. He must be pretty good with the cards or he wouldn’t have sat in the Casino in Monte Carlo for two months before the war watching that Roumanian team work their stuff with the invisible ink and the dark glasses. He and the Deuxième bowled them out in the end and 007 turned in a million francs he had won at shemmy. Good money in those days.’

Now I already knew all about that case in Monte Carlo, from the Authorised Biography. You can’t imagine how at home that made me feel in Bond’s universe!

Thirdly, his (Bond’s? Fleming’s?) misogyny, sexism, call it what you will. When Bond first hears that his sidekick on this job is to be a woman, he is furious. This pest of a girl … Women were for recreation. On a job, they got in the way and fogged things up with sex and hurt feelings and all the emotional baggage they carried around. One had to look out for them and take care of them. When she turns out to be the stunning Vesper Lind (think Eva Green) that makes his attitude worse, not better. Then she is abducted by the villain, Le Chiffre, and as Bond races after her in his Bentley, it is just what he had been afraid of. These blithering women who thought they could do a man’s work. Why the hell couldn’t they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men’s work to the men … For Vesper to fall for an old trick like that and get herself snatched … But we have to remember that this is a man, and surrounded as we are by psychologically emasculated 20th century males, we may need to suspend our modern prejudices along with our disbelief as we read these books. And to be honest about who we would want racing to our rescue in similar circumstances. And in Fleming’s defence (SPOILER COMING) it turns out, ironically, that it is not Vesper who has “fallen for an old trick like that” but Bond himself. The abduction had been a trap Bond raced right into.

Finally, there follow two chapters that constitute perhaps the most horrifying and haunting torture scene in modern literature. It is there in the film but it is toned down. In the book he spends weeks in hospital recovering before he can return to the arms of Vesper. (Yes, she emerged unscathed.) This business of the reader / cinema-goer as voyeur, watching James Bond endure agonies  that only he could, is another key feature of the James Bond product. Perhaps the film world did it best in the very first one when he fell into the hands of the sinister and sadistic Dr No – once again while attempting to save a beautiful girl. James Bond as Knight Errant then. The man you pray will come along when you are chained to a rock and the dragon is approaching – even if he does believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. (As you will have guessed by now, I have a feeling he is right.)

Anyway, this evening I have another date with him: Live and Let Die.

Reading by the Window

2 11 2013
Reading by the window

by Charles James Lewis


by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

Moon in Virgo

31 10 2012

Just for a change, let’s start this time with a very beautiful song. (How’s your French?)

That’s Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, and they were both born when the Moon was in Virgo. Which means …

Well, there is only one Key Phrase in this case: Fear of Chaos.

This covers the apparently obsessive tidiness so common among Virgo Moons, which is in fact simply a need to feel that everything is in its place and under control. And their tendency to take over, to organise things, to sort out all the petty details people born under other Moons often cannot be bothered with.

And it covers the difficulty they have coping with their own emotions, the way they try to rationalise their loves and hates, their passions and enthusiasms, and to keep themselves on a tight rein.

Some more examples? How about a cluster of film stars?

Others I know about are Richard Burton and John Travolta, and they were all of them born when the Moon was in Virgo and are all fastidious about everything, including their appearance!

If they would only pay as much attention to their health as to their appearance! And to make matters worse, they are often workaholics.

But of course female Virgo Moons are the same …

Madonna, who clearly likes furs …

As, it seems do other female Virgo Moons, like Marlene Dietrich and Carla Bruni:

I wonder whether Wanda in Venus in Furs was born when the Moon was in Virgo?!

Certainly being a sex-symbol (with or without the furs) is characteristic of this Moon Sign. Judy Hall, in her book Past Life Astrology, says that this sign represents both the Corn Maiden and the Virgin, the former being the symbol of fertility, the sacred prostitute, “the link between the Goddess and man”, which was “replaced by the sterile Virgin, bringing prudishness and chastity into the archetype. Sexuality was repressed, the body became untouchable.”

In Past Lives, then, this soul will probably have taken vows of chastity, lived as a nun or a monk – and at other times, in other lives, have done quite the opposite!

J.K.Rowling is another Virgo Moon … At first glance it might seem that  her new book, The Casual Vacancy, is more in character for a Virgo Moon, but apparently her Harry Potter books have been burnt as Satanist by some “Christian” groups!

Don’t know your Moon Sign? Remember it is quite different form the Sun Sign. The sun takes a month to pass through each Sign of the Zodiac but the moon only takes two days! You can look it up at Lunarium.

PS (added 19th Nov) You can find the lyrics of Je t’aime moi non plus and a translation and a discussion about the translation  here – the discussion is fascinating, actually!


23 07 2012

Been on my travels again – in Europe this time, the south of France. I love the Langue d’Oc. Spent most of my time in Avignon and Carcassonne. In Avignon I was wandering around trying trying to imagine it as it was when Mariana was there in Munro’s Wrong Way Round the Church which I have on my Kindle and was rereading in situ. Then, of course, I wanted to go down into Spain, where the story starts! Had to leave that for another day.


31 01 2012

Another beautiful image of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and the arts …


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