Reading by the Window

2 11 2013
Reading by the window

by Charles James Lewis


by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

Moon in Virgo

31 10 2012

Just for a change, let’s start this time with a very beautiful song. (How’s your French?)

That’s Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, and they were both born when the Moon was in Virgo. Which means …

Well, there is only one Key Phrase in this case: Fear of Chaos.

This covers the apparently obsessive tidiness so common among Virgo Moons, which is in fact simply a need to feel that everything is in its place and under control. And their tendency to take over, to organise things, to sort out all the petty details people born under other Moons often cannot be bothered with.

And it covers the difficulty they have coping with their own emotions, the way they try to rationalise their loves and hates, their passions and enthusiasms, and to keep themselves on a tight rein.

Some more examples? How about a cluster of film stars?

Others I know about are Richard Burton and John Travolta, and they were all of them born when the Moon was in Virgo and are all fastidious about everything, including their appearance!

If they would only pay as much attention to their health as to their appearance! And to make matters worse, they are often workaholics.

But of course female Virgo Moons are the same …

Madonna, who clearly likes furs …

As, it seems do other female Virgo Moons, like Marlene Dietrich and Carla Bruni:

I wonder whether Wanda in Venus in Furs was born when the Moon was in Virgo?!

Certainly being a sex-symbol (with or without the furs) is characteristic of this Moon Sign. Judy Hall, in her book Past Life Astrology, says that this sign represents both the Corn Maiden and the Virgin, the former being the symbol of fertility, the sacred prostitute, “the link between the Goddess and man”, which was “replaced by the sterile Virgin, bringing prudishness and chastity into the archetype. Sexuality was repressed, the body became untouchable.”

In Past Lives, then, this soul will probably have taken vows of chastity, lived as a nun or a monk – and at other times, in other lives, have done quite the opposite!

J.K.Rowling is another Virgo Moon … At first glance it might seem that  her new book, The Casual Vacancy, is more in character for a Virgo Moon, but apparently her Harry Potter books have been burnt as Satanist by some “Christian” groups!

Don’t know your Moon Sign? Remember it is quite different form the Sun Sign. The sun takes a month to pass through each Sign of the Zodiac but the moon only takes two days! You can look it up at Lunarium.

PS (added 19th Nov) You can find the lyrics of Je t’aime moi non plus and a translation and a discussion about the translation  here – the discussion is fascinating, actually!


23 07 2012

Been on my travels again – in Europe this time, the south of France. I love the Langue d’Oc. Spent most of my time in Avignon and Carcassonne. In Avignon I was wandering around trying trying to imagine it as it was when Mariana was there in Munro’s Wrong Way Round the Church which I have on my Kindle and was rereading in situ. Then, of course, I wanted to go down into Spain, where the story starts! Had to leave that for another day.


31 01 2012

Another beautiful image of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and the arts …


27 10 2011

Princess Celebrating Diwali

I know! I’m a day late! But I didn’t get a chance to … anyway you can find a great article on Diwali – my favourite Indian  Feast Day – HERE

A Marilyn Monroe quote

18 05 2011

I like a man with poetry in him, but not a poet. (Marilyn Monroe)

I have a lot of sympathy with that view! And here’s a picture to go with it.

Gauguin quote

13 04 2011

“When the physical organism breaks up, the soul survives. It then takes on another body.” (Paul Gauguin)

To which I really should (!!) add the painting: “D’ou venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Ou allons-nous?” (Click on the image for detail)


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